South African Online Casinos & Gambling

Each day, South African Online Casino players make the decision to gamble online and when they do this, they should first become familiar with the gambling laws that are in place. Having this knowledge will aide with the selection of online casinos and will also help to keep players safe when they are playing for real money at online sites. For many years, every form of gambling online was illegal for South African players and these players were restricted from sites. Luckily, there were some recent legal chances and bills that have been passed that now allow South African players to engage in gambling activities online without any legal consequences.

Since the government of South Africa has decided to allow online gambling, 10 licenses have been granted to gambling sites, allowing them to operate in the country. However, these sites were to only be accessed by residents and were not open to players from other countries. While 10 casinos is better than none, this was still a very small selection for players, which is why many South African gamblers sought out the action provided at off shore casino sites. Since online gambling has been legalised in the country, the government has issued 40 licenses, increasing the number of options for players. While the government does not condone playing at off shore sites, there are no laws that prohibit players from accessing any online casino that is being operated in another country. This means that players can play in South Africa or in any other country and have a large assortment of games readily available for cash betting.

Though the South African gambling market is smaller than others in the world, it is not a poor one. In 2015, the country generated R2 billion on taxes on revenue. While the current gambling law only offers licensing for 40 sites, 37 of which are operational, the market does show continued growth. The government is now considering new laws that would increase taxes for operating sites to generate more revenue. The problem is that the South African market is limited and the sites do not attract overseas players. This means that there will be a limit to growth, especially with players in the country still accessing off shore sites.

Regardless of where South African players choose to gamble, they will be presented with games from some of the best developers in the entire industry. May of the sites that are operating in the country are offering games from RTG, but off shore sites present titles from major software developers like Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech, which expand the options for players by offering hundreds of other game titles. This is perhaps why so many players prefer to opt for an off shore casino than one that is running in their own country.

Off shore casinos realise the desire for selections when it comes to games, which is why many leading sites will cater to the South African crowd. These sites will offer the chance to conduct all transactions in South African Rand, the local currency. The sites will also have many great payment methods that can be selected and will also offer attractive bonuses to try to get players to commit to the site instead of one in their own country. With the competition being fierce, it is unlikely that South Africa will continue with the revenue growth unless they issue more licenses and open the market to other software providers.

In any event, South African players do have some amazing choices at their fingertips. They can choose to support their own government by playing at one of the 37 operating sites in the country or they can play at any licensed off shore site. No matter how or where players play, they will have access to great games that provide a realistic gambling experience, similar to what is fond at land casinos. With gambling being a great pastime in South Africa, these players now have some great options when they start to play online and they will benefit from amazing payouts, great incentives and promos and the protection offered by any licensed site.

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