The Simple Guide to Online Casinos

For a number of years, it was very difficult for players from the United States to legally access online casinos and enjoy real money games. While online casinos from all over the world are operating, not all will accept these players. This is largely due to laws that prevented online casinos to collect transactions that were processed through major credit cards and banks. US players were restricted in regards to payment methods and this lead to many of the leading providers to prohibiting players from accessing sites. There are still a number of restrictions in place for these players. For example, they do not have access to many of the top rated payment methods that are used by others from different locations and they also are restricted from playing at sites that use certain software, such as Playtech and Microgaming.

There were no specific laws that stated that online gambling was illegal for players who reside in the United States, however, the UIGEA prohibited players from being able to make bank transfers, use credit cards or debit cards to fund a casino account. This meant that players had to use alternative payment methods. While using a prepaid card was the simplest way to make casino deposits, the troubles came when trying to withdraw, as there are not many options that are US friendly.

In 2013, the gambling laws for US players changes and the US started to allow individual states to operate their own online casinos. Players were restricted based on their location as they are required to physically be playing within the state borders. At this time, there are just three US states that offer legal online casinos, though many other states are trying to get the laws changes so they can also offer this form of gambling to players.

Now, players in certain states can conduct transactions to an online casino and enjoy real money games from home. Unfortunately, these states are limited as to how many casinos can be operating as they have to be tied to an operating land casino. Even though the laws have changed, the UIGEA is still creating problems, especially for those that continue to choose to gamble at off shore casino sites. When doing this, players still have to find ways to receive their winnings. This is the number one problem that is faced by players who are from the US.

This does not mean that players have no choices. There are many great sites operating, especially for Canadian gamblers that will cater to players from the US. These sites will often offer games from RTG and will make sure there are methods that can be used for secure and fast transactions. When seeking a US online casino, players need to make sure the site does offer payment methods that can legally be used and they also need to ensure the casino offers English as a language and accepts US Dollars.

Players from the United states are hopeful as there are many states that are considering legalising online gambling. The government has allowed each state to regulate these casino sites, so it will increase revenue for the individual state, not the entire country. As more states start to offer gambling online, players will find they will have a slew of great choices and will no longer have to find ways to gamble at those off shore sites.

Online casinos that cater to US players are loaded with games that are just like those that are enjoyed at land casinos. Here, players will find an exceptional array of sot games, including traditional three reel games and five reel video slots. There are also amazing jackpot games that can present life altering wins. For those that appreciate the thrills and skills needed for table games, there are various forms of blackjack, poker and roulette that can be found as well as games like Baccarat, Casino War and Sic Bo. US players will also enjoy the superb offering of video poker games. Most online casinos will greet players with a handsome welcome bonus, which is a perfect way to get started with some free casino cash, extending the playing session and offering more ways to win.

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